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animated short film
Ally the cat
2D animated series
animated short film
2D animated series


Animated short film by Michal Socha, film in production,

(5 min, mixed techniques, hand-drawn animation and 3D)

An ironic metaphor about the search for freedom and the meaning of life in a situation which inevitably tends toward the absurd.

2D Service
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We are focusing on 2D animation technologies such as hand-drawn animation, cut-out, and 2D animation combined with 3D elements. We are developing projects in conceptual, artistic and production technology fields. We are producing our own series and short films as well as we cooperate with other polish and international animation producers.

Content Development

Scriptwriting, script doctoring, storyboards and animatics.

Visual Development

Art concepts, backround design, 2D Visual Special Effects and compositing.

Character Design

Character design, technical adaptation and optimalization, rigging and texturing.


We are working on the best expression of the movements in: hand-drawn animation, cut-out, and 2D animation combined with 3D elements

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Letko is a 2D animation studio

specializing in development and production of animation film projects. Founded in Warsaw by experienced producers, creative directors and talented animators to establish a unique team devoted to animation storytelling and technical creativity open for new and unknown.

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Developing film

projects we are working with leading artists in the field, joining their ideas with our own production vision in order to create something very unique in the visual and narrative aspect. Something we can all be proud of.

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Letko Sp. z o. o.

Al. Jerozolimskie 49/5
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Jakub Karwowski

CEO, Producent
+48 504 699 963


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