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52 x 7′ 2D animated stories for 3-5 year olds

A co-production between Letko and SixteenSouth.

Odo follows the adventures of a little owl who just can’t sleep.
Owls, being nocturnal sleep during the day. But Odo is different.
To keep Odo busy while they sleep, his parents send him to the
Forest Summer Camp for Young Birds where Odo is determined to prove
that he is every bit as capable as all the other birds,
and even though he is little in size, he can make a very big impact1
Odo is a show about a Little owl’s refusal
to be what society expects him to be.






2D Services
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We specialize in hand-drawn animation, cut-outs and 2D projects combined with 3D elements. We are developing projects in conceptual, artistic and production technology fields. We are producing our series and short films as well as we cooperate with other Polish and international animation producers.

Content Development

We are developing projects from a simple idea into a complete screenplay, from detail to the extensive story. We create treatments, write scripts, work on script doctoring, storyboards, and animatics.

Visual Development

As we turn your idea into a reality, we offer styles and methods of editing. We create visualizations and art concepts. We are also responsible for implementation of scenography, 2D visual effects, and composition.

Character Design

CIf your story needs a hero, we will create an attractive feature of personality by designing, adapting and optimizing your character in line with selected animation style. Rigging, adding textures and testing is our daily life.


Our job is to animate all kinds of worlds and its characters while developing expression and style of movements. We specialize in hand-drawn animation, cut-out, and 2D animation combined with 3D elements.

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Letko is a 2D animation studio

specializing in development and production of animation film projects. It was founded in Warsaw by experienced producers, creative directors, and talented animators to establish a unique team devoted to animation storytelling and technical creativity that is open for new and unknown.

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Developing film

projects we are working with leading artists in the field, joining their ideas with our own production vision in order to create something very unique in the visual and narrative aspect. Something we can all be proud of.

We love what we do!
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Letko Sp. z o. o.

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Jakub Karwowski

CEO, Producent
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