Animated short film by Ewy Borysewicz.
Film in production.
Duration: 20 minut
Technique: 2D Hand-Drawn Animation
Based on the book “Miracle” by Ignacy Karpowicz
Short story description:
Unce uppon a time, there was a Man – sinner, freeloader and drunkard.
Together with his newly married wife he promised never to procreate a child.
He planed to please himself at the expense of the mother-in-law, who was rich and powerful woman, “the gueen” of the district.
Unfortunately, fate turned against him. His wife got pregnant and she decided to give birth to a baby.
He started drinking and cheating on his wife. Suddenly all society turned against him.
He was forced to go to the other city in order to buy alcohol. During the childbirth, four-headed Cherub revealed to the man and harasses him.
The Cherub forced him to stop drinking alcohol otherwise he could loose his family. Man has to make final choice…
Production co-financed by Polish Film Institute